Remembering Buzz Aldrin Punching Overly Assertive ‘Lunar Truther’ In The Face

Buzz Aldrin has long been heralded as a hero and American treasure.

To further celebrate and acknowledge the 45th Anniversary of men landing on the moon, there’s hardly a better piece of video footage (below) regarding those that made it happen and the “we never went to the moon” truthers than Buzz Aldrin punching a particularly obnoxious, rude and pushy “lunar truther” in the face.

As discussed on The Week, Buzz Aldrin was 72 years old at the time in 2002, minding his own business in the street level lobby of a building when Bart Sibrel, a “lunar truther,” ambushed the famed astronaut.

“Howdy, Buzz,” says the confident and quick walking Sibrel to Mr. Aldrin. “How’s it going? You remember me?”

Attempting to be as gracious and pleasant as possible, Buzz Aldrin politely asks Sibrel to give his name to an assistant and that’s when Sibrel shows his nasty side, getting in Buzz Aldrin’s face and flashing his “card.”

“I got one for you and one for your lawyer… to sue me,” Sibrel says to Aldrin. “I hope you do. I’d love to go to court and show the window shot.”

“I know you’d like to get a lot of attention wouldn’t you,” replies Aldrin.

Sibrel then pulls out his accusatory and offensive to go along with his nasty, Buzz Aldrin continuing to maintain a professional demeanor.

As the second man on the moon, and with a record of toughness and grit, Buzz Aldrin was not one to harass as Sibrel would soon find out. But the truther’s smugness seems to know no bounds and for the next minute he proceeds to call Buzz Aldrin a “thief”, asks Aldrin to “swear on the Bible (that he) walked on the moon”, and says to Aldrin, “You’re the one that says he walked on the moon and you didn’t.”

The last words Sibrel gets out are “coward” and “liar” before Buzz Aldrin has had enough and is forced to defend himself.

So with the 45th Anniversary of the lunar landing in mind, let’s watch what happens when a “lunar truther” pushes a man of significant substance and accomplishment like Buzz Aldrin, too far:

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists argue that we never could’ve landed on the moon, and it was all a hoax staged by NASA and others.

Evidence they cite includes photos of the astronauts on the moon showing the American Flag blowing in a windless environment, shadows they feel don’t line up, and other elements of evidence that show the Apollo Moon Landings were staged.

And while everyone is entitled to their opinion, haranguing a man like Buzz Aldrin, or others who made the moon landing happen 45 years ago, might not work out so well.

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