‘Watch Dogs’ Drawing Gamers’ Ire Despite Topping Sales Charts

Watch Dogs is an interesting video game if for no other reason than the contradicting realities surrounding Ubisoft’s games. One the one hand, Watch Dogs has shipped more than 8 million copies since it was released.

That number puts Watch Dogs on top of the June sales charts when it comes to video games, especially those that are geared towards next generation consoles, according to IGN.

On the other hand, Watch Dogs has been taking a ton of heat from the hard core gamers of the world who were apparently expecting quite a bit more from a game that was supposed to make hacking cool.

Instead of putting the focus on detailed procedures in order to hack into different systems, Watch Dogs has largely made hacking just another weapon and another way to kill your enemies.

Certainly, people who enjoy playing GTA 5 also enjoy playing Watch Dogs, if for no other reason than the title seems as though it’s basically GTA 5.5 set in Chicago.

Being a GTA-lite is just part of the problem for Watch Dogs though. Another factor that has drawn quite a bit of ire is on particular mini-game that seems to underline a problem gamers have had with Ubisoft for quote a while.

While Ubisoft is one of the big video game makers in the world, and can point to Watch Dogs as a point of pride, it also is known for falling short in some areas. One spot the company seems to struggle in particular is consistency when it comes to minigames in it’s titles.

The side mission in question is one in which you need to outdrink some potential rivals. While taking more and more drinks, the controls fight the user more and more, supposedly to look as though you are getting drunk.

Users only need to do one drinking side mission to complete and win the game, but there are several others that can be racked up for achievements. As Kotaku points out, this side mission has led to more than one person talking about just blowing everyone up.

While some Reddit users have laid out their plots to get revenge on the Watch Dogs minigame, this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened. Petitions have been circulated asking Ubisoft to find a way to do away with side missions which are too difficult and are far more difficult than most of the rest of the content.

Despite the latest anger directed at Watch Dogs because of this mission, it seems likely Ubisoft will be laughing all the way to the bank.