HTC Adds Even More Functions To The Simplistically Awesome Flip Cover For The One M8

Phone cases usually aren’t special enough to deserve a review, let alone an article. However, HTC has managed to revolutionize the humble flip-cover for its flagship phone, the HTC One M8 phone.

When introduced earlier this year, the HTC One M8 was one of the top-line premium devices with powerful internals and a gorgeous full HD 5 Inch Super LCD3 screen. But perhaps HTC wasn’t content by offering just a superb phone. It wanted to offer a whole new level of simplicity and make the phone super-easy to use, while saving battery too.

So HTC introduced the Dot View case. Seemingly simple, the Dot View case appears just like any other flip-cover that snaps on to the phone and protects the rear as well as the front section of the phone. However, this is no ordinary flip cover. When closed, the flip cover activates a Dot View “mode” of the phone which is a classic retro display in pixels that shines through the hundreds of perforations in the front panel of the flip-cover.

From glancing at the time, weather, e-mail, and message notifications, to being able to receive, reject, and end a call, the Dot View case allowed HTC One M8 users to execute many routine phone functions without opening the flip-cover or unlocking the phone. The basic functions are activated by a mere double-tap on the screen.

However, HTC has realized that the Dot View case can do a lot more, and hence launched a dedicated application on the Google Play Store, reported MSN. It is strongly recommended to automate the update process of the app.

The app recently received an update that added a bunch of new features. HTC understood that colors are important and frankly look a lot better on the Super LCD3 display. Hence you can now change the wallpaper that is shown on the Dot View case itself. There are 18 in total, or you can choose a picture from the phone’s gallery or taken using the camera. HTC One (M8) users can now also scroll through the last three callers names in order. Needless to say, these logs can be accessed to make calls too.

The Dot View case, though having a few caveats, can certainly become a must-have accessory for smartphones with Super LCD3 displays.

[Image Credit | Tech Radar]