July 18, 2014
Would Farrah Abraham Let Her Daughter Make A Sex Tape?

Former Teen Mom star and now adult film and erotic publication industry celebrity Farrah Abraham recently appeared on Celebuzz, where she talked about celebrity sex tapes and how she would feel if her daughter (in a grown-up future) were to appear in one. The candid interview with Abraham was open, but a little creepy, as she seemed happy to talk about her little girl's sexuality.

Farrah, who is on a media tour promoting her new adult-themed book about a fictional sex tape and its repercussions, is also pushing a new adult toy line. The starlet used her experiences within the adult film industry to write the novel.

In this online interview, Farrah Abraham talks about the first book in a planned trilogy of fictional accounts based on that adult film experience. Abraham explains the gist of Celebrity Sex Tape in the Making, the first of the three novels, and openly mentions her daughter, Sophie. She also answers questions about a scenario in which the girl comes to Abraham about her own escapades in adult film.

The Celebuzz article regarding the video interview says it plainly: "But as a mother of a five-year-old little girl, what would she think of her daughter making a sex tape in her future?"

Calling it "mommy talk," Farrah Abraham seemed nonplussed by the idea of a future Sophia telling her about a sexual escapade on film and said she would be "okay with it." She then turned the conversation to herself and her own experience, explaining that she would "be like, 'This is what happened to me as your Mom.' I just want to say it in an every day way and hope she resides back to good values eventually."

To her credit, Farrah Abraham (who was fired two months ago from Teen Mom) does compare herself to Kim Kardashian, whose own sex tape seems to have been a serious detriment to her life and career, and to Jenna Jameson, who's made a career out of the adult film industry. Abraham says she falls in the middle, taking a positive out of the experience of being taken advantage of, but not using it as a springboard to "crazy stardom."

That's left for others to judge, however, as Farrah's latest marketing and promotion deals seem to rely heavily on sex and the adult industry. Never mind the occasional creepy magazine cover involving dead farmers showcased on Cafemom.