Candace Cameron Bure Says A Happy Sex life Can Balance Out A Marriage, Despite Having A Full House

Candace Cameron Bure, who is famous for playing DJ on the hit sitcom Full House, has stated that a happy sex life is her secret to a balanced marriage. On The Doctors, she revealed that it is important for her and her husband Valerie to stay connected and sex is one way to keep that connection in tact. Despite having a full house of young children and a husband that travels, keeping an active sex life is not always easy for her, but making time for intimacy is at the top of her list to ensure a balanced marriage.

"He travels every single week and I'm quite busy as well, so we have to schedule time together. But the other part is making sure that we stay connected sexually. That's a very fulfilling part of a marriage."

Having a happy sex life can easily be ignored in a marriage as the stress of work, bills, children, and the unexpected come into the picture. Candace Cameron Bure reveals how a happy sex life can diffuse the stress and create calm.

"We have to schedule time together. But the other part is making sure that we stay connected sexually. That's a very fulfilling part of a marriage. When you're happy sexually, it kinda just balances the rest of the stuff out. You're not so mad at each other, you're not nitpicking at the little things."

Candace Cameron Bure recently revealed in her book, Balancing it All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose, revealed that she prefers to take a submissive role in the marriage rather than a more dominating role.

"It is meekness, it is not weakness. It is strength under control, it is bridled strength."

Candace also responded to her critics by stating that comparing her stance on intimacy and submissiveness is her choice, and should not be used in comparison with others.

"I think that, as women, we need to stop comparing ourselves and let that go. Because my life is gonna look different than your life, and your life is gonna look different than the next woman's life. It's like, if you're a stay-at-home mom with kids or you're homeschooling, do it, and do it really well. Invest in the things that you are led to invest in. That creates a natural balance."

Candace Cameron Bure will always be ingrained into our minds as the sweet and innocent DJ from Full House. Listening to her speak about her sex life and acceptance of submissiveness sees rather strange, yet it almost seems to fit with he adult vision of who DJ Tanner might have grown into. Regardless of what might be thought of her, she fought the odds and strayed from the temptations of drugs and alcohol, resulting in a virtuous life with a loving husband and family.

[Photo Courtesy: Candace Cameron Bure]