Easy Solutions To Summer Problems From Dripping Popsicles To Opening Shaken-Up Cans [Video]

Summer is a blast, but summer also brings its share of problems and crises. For example, how do you keep beer cold when you’re floating in the pool? How do you stop that popsicle from dripping? How do you quickly and easily make enough smores to feed the whole barbecue party?

Yes, these are the issues that vex us in these warm summer months. Fortunately, our good pals at BuzzFeed seem to have answers for everything. And these pressing summer problems are no exception.

Take two minutes to view this invaluable video and you will learn not only the answers to the above questions, you’ll learn how to make a homemade sprinkler to get wet in — for almost no money. You’ll even learn how to open a beer — or cold soda — can that’s been shaken up. No need to let the precious nectar go to waste!

Check out this BuzzFeed video — but grab a pencil and paper first. You’ll want to take notes.

Happy summering!