Tara Reid Still Gets Stuff for Free

Tara Reid only checked into rehab because she got cut a good deal, Star magazine reported earlier today. The actress, designer, and professional trainwreck supposedly went to the famous treatment center to boost flagging enrollment, and according to a source, Promises is footing the bill for their name to be dropped.

The source told Star that “Enrollment is down due to the bad economy, so in an effort to drum up publicity, they asked around Hollywood to see who wanted to stay there for free.”

Hopefully this VIP treatment, which supposedly includes a “no bag check policy” and a large bedroom gratis, will actually stick. Promises definitely gambled with this one, because things are going to look pretty bad if Tara takes a tumble when she leaves!

**Update: Star has since removed this story after Tara’s representative and Promises denied claims made within the news snippet.