‘The Bachelorette’ 2014 Spoilers: Couple’s Surprise Moment, Other ‘Men Tell All’ Scoops

We’re almost at that time on The Bachelorette 2014 when we get to see what man Andi Dorfman picks. Reality Steve has some juicy spoilers about what’s going down on the Men Tell All special airing next Monday.

Something different takes place on Men Tell All that has never been broadcast before. This won’t be the typical “formulaic” special it’s been known for the past several seasons… a personal celebration for one couple will be shared with fans, while one contestant is called out by the other men in Andi’s season.

Ashley and JP will appear on the show. Ashley was the season 8 Bachelorette, and now the two are expecting a baby. An actual ultrasound will be done on stage and the sex of the baby will be determined in front of viewers. Mind you, Ashley and JP already know they’re having a boy, and have announced this to fans. Nevertheless, it’s an emotional moment for the couple, especially JP, who tears up during the ultrasound.

There will be a comedic moment when Chris Harrison’s face is shown in the ultrasound. Ashley and JP’s baby is due this Fall.

In other Bachelorette spoilers before the 2014 season wraps, three contestants are put in the hot seat — Marquel, Marcus, and Chris. The Josh, JJ, and Andrew confrontation about Marquel’s race will be a big discussion. Harrison keeps on the subject matter of what Andrew allegedly said to Ron about him during the first rose ceremony.

Andrew denies he said anything about Marquel, and accuses JJ of causing trouble while the cameras were rolling. Some of the men agree JJ handled it inappropriately. No one condones what Andrew did, but JJ took the brunt of the attack. When asked, Marquel tells Harrison that he believes Andrew said the things he did because JJ “is his boy,” Reality Steve writes. Andrew gets defensive, but gives a Marquel an apology for the “misunderstanding.”

Others who join the Men Tell All will be Michelle Money, Sarah Herron, Graham Bunn, and Chris Bukowski to promote Bachelor in Paradise. They aren’t interviewed, but are given a “shout out” for the show, set to air at the beginning of August.

Nick Sutter will sport a full head of hair, and it’s a brief topic of discussion once the show gets going. Nick admits he had surgery before the season 2014 Bachelorette began filming and that his hair didn’t fill in until later.

ABC Media Net’s press release includes spoilers that Andi will be answering tough questions from the jilted contestants. Chris wants to know what went wrong with their relationship and Marquel wants to know why he never made it out of the “friend zone” with her.

Bloopers and outtakes will be shown from filming of this season’s show.

So, who will Andi choose in the finale episode? Will it be Nick or Josh? We have to wait until after next week’s episode, but we’ll find out soon!

The Bachelorette 2014, Men Tell All episode airs Monday July 21 on ABC at 9 pm, ET/PT.
[Image via The Hollywood Gossip]