Movie Star Magic? Watch Drunken Charlie Sheen Meet Fans In Taco Bell Drive Thru Lane

Of all the places to meet your favorite movie star, a Taco Bell drive-thru would probably rank low on the list. But then, this is Charlie Sheen we’re talking about. Fan Jayden Blair spotted the 48-year-old Anger Management star as he waited for his Taco Bell meal recently, and when he called to Sheen to come over, the controversial star complied — seemingly happy to do so.

Of course, there may have been a reason why Charlie Sheen, star of the 1980s Oliver Stone classics Wall Street and Platoon, was in such a friendly mood. As he approaches Blair’s car, all smiles, he announces that he is “so f******’ hammered,” and apologizes for his condition. To which Blair (or one of the occupants of the vehicle) replies, “No, you’re cool.”

Which reminds us to give you a warning: the F-Bomb delivered by Charlie Sheen in that moment is not “bleeped” in the video, so if that sort of language offends you, please do not view the above clip.

As the brief brush with greatness continues, the occupants of the car ask Sheen to show them his tattoos. In response, he pulls back his shirt to reveal a tattoo of Peanuts character Charlie Brown on his left pectoral.

Sheen then rolls up his right sleeve to reveal a forearm tattoo of the Cincinnati Reds Major League Baseball team logo.

One question the fans do not ask Charlie Sheen in the 51-second cell phone video is what he is doing at a Taco Bell drive-thru — on foot.

Sheen seems to be accompanied at the Taco Bell by a male friend of some sort who lingers in the background.

Charlie Sheen, whose real name is Carlos Estevez and is the son of veteran actor Martin Sheen (real name: Ramon Estevez), has a reported net worth of $125 million. In 2010, when he was still the star of the hit CBS sitcom Two And A Half Men, he was the highest-paid actor in television, earning $1.8 million per episode.

But his career, launched in 1984 in the feature film Red Dawn, has been plagued by bizarre behavior, as well as alcohol and drug problems. The latest viral video of Charlie Sheen at a Taco Bell is likely to only add to his legend.