Judge Arrested For Drunk Driving, Begs For Leniency

A Texas appeals court judge was arrested for drunk driving on Saturday morning. Although Nora Lydia Longoria admitted drinking five beers in the hours prior to her arrest, she begged officers for leniency. Authorities said Longoria identified herself as a judge and said the arrest would “ruin [her] life.”

According to court records, Longoria was initially pulled over for driving 68 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone. When officers approached the vehicle, they noted a strong odor of alcohol. As the judge’s speech was slurred, the officers requested a field sobriety test.

Nora Longoria consented to the test, which she reportedly failed. She eventually admitted drinking at least five beers throughout the prior evening. However, she contends she stopped drinking at least three hours before attempting to drive.

As she failed the sobriety test, the judge was placed under arrest for drunk driving. In their report, officers noted that Longoria begged them for special treatment — due to her appointment as a justice for the 13th Court of Appeals. Her statements were included in the official report:

“Please let me go home. I live a couple of miles away … you are going to ruin my life. I worked hard for 25 years to be where I am today.”

As reported by Valley Morning Star, the officers were unwilling to ignore the incident and allow the judge to simply drive home. Court records indicate the judge was verbally combative and refused to cooperate with arresting officers. When threatened with charges of resisting arrest, she calmed down and complied with the officers’ requests.

Longoria was transported to county jail without further incident. However, she refused a breathalyzer test. Although she was booked into jail, she was eventually released on $2000 bond pending trial.

A native of Edinburg, Texas, Nora Longoria attended Edinburg High School, the University of Texas A&M, and the University of Texas School of Law.

In her biography, the judge underlines her commitment “to the legal profession and to the sanctity of the judicial system.” As an appeals court judge, Longoria vowed “to always apply the law fairly and without bias in all cases.”

Although Longoria boasts a commitment to fairness and justice, the judge asked for special treatment in her own drunk driving case. Indeed, her arrest will likely scar her reputation as a respected attorney and judge.

The judge was formally charged with second degree drunk driving. As her case is pending, Nora Longoria did not return to her office this week and has refused to comment on the arrest.

[Images via Valley Morning Star]