Judges Initiate Ultimatum To The IRS: You Have 30 Days To Explain And Recover Missing Emails Or Else!

If there is one branch of the government that almost everyone in the United States truly hates, it is easily the Internal Revenue Service, or better known as the IRS. They are known for making your paychecks smaller than they should be to fund government programs that are nearly bankrupt such as social security (and nearly every other service the government is supposed to take care of), yet when they return money back to you on April 15, it’s not even theirs. The big running gag is that our tax returns are Chinese money!

However, sometimes poetic justice is returned, as the IRS has been in trouble from time to time. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported how they paid $1 million plus to 1,100 of their employees who still owe taxes. We also reported how the IRS is accused of targeting conservative Hollywood celebrities just because they don’t agree or follow the in-crowd of the progressive movement. And now reports are coming in that two federal judges are no longer going to take their excuses as they demand that the IRS explain and recover missing emails in congruence to a case that began last year… or else!

In an article by The Daily Signal explains that the IRS has less than 30 days to detail, under oath and in writing, the circumstance surrounding the disappearance of former official Lois Lerner’s emails, and to summarize options to recover the messages. This is actually part of a greater compromise for the ruling handed down Thursday by Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court in Washington, which allows Judicial Watch to access the documents for limitation of exposure to the scandal involving the IRS. Those scandals, for all of you who don’t know, have been reported here before. It’s the one on targeting conservative groups which includes conservative Hollywood celebrities.

There is actually more information from the original article by The Hill. Initially, the IRS’ excuse on why Lois Loerner’s emails went missing is because the hard drive crashed in the middle of 2011, leaving the agency unable to recover all of her emails. That admission has no life breathed into the congressional investigations of the IRS. Now the reason the courts want the emails is because Lerner has been a central part of the Tea Party controversy since May of 2013 when she became the first agency to officially acknowledge improperly taxing (which means taxing more and ignoring legal write-offs) conservative groups.

The Judicial Watch (watchdog group while IRS conducts their tasks pertaining to Lois Lerner’s emails) believe the emails could be critical to getting to the bottom of the IRS scandal where tea party and other conservative group applications were illegally delayed by the IRS. In conclusion, Tom Fitton, the Judicial Watch’s president, said the following:

“In our view, there has been a cover-up going on. The government need to be transparent. And part of transparency is telling people when there’s a problem.”