Liam Payne Takes A Tumble During One Direction Show [Video]

Liam Payne is the latest One Direction member to take a spill during a recent concert.

As any pop star worth his or her salt will tell you, staying upright is difficult when they're gyrating wildly across the stage. Unfortunately for the aforementioned boy band, falling down in front of thousands upon thousands of screaming fans is something that's happened with surprising frequency. Payne apparently wanted to keep that tradition alive by falling down while cranking out one of the group's many songs.

Perez Hilton explains that Liam added his name to One Direction's disabled list when he fell down during the last show of their European tour. While his fellow singers didn't have a problem bouncing back from their respective falls, apparently Payne wasn't as lucky. In fact, the poor guy couldn't put much weight on his leg at all.

Not surprisingly, Liam Payne's fall was captured on amateur video and ultimately uploaded to YouTube. Curious parties can check out the singer's injury below.

Unfortunately for Liam, this isn't the first time he's taken a tumble on-stage this year. According to Metro, Payne found himself kissing the pavement while belting out One Direction's hit tune "Best Song Ever" during a show in Dublin, Ireland. That spill also ended up on the internet, a fact that didn't escape Liam's notice.

Following Liam Payne's recent stumble, fans banded together on Twitter to send him a virtual torrent of well-wishes. At some point during the exchange, #GetWellLiamWeLoveYou was born. It apparently didn't take long for the hashtag to trend on the micro-blogging site. Behold the healing power of One Direction's fanbase.

Now that One Direction have officially wrapped up the European leg of their tour, perhaps Liam Payne and the fellas can begin working on the next album in earnest. Here's hoping Liam makes a full recovery in the near future!

[Lead image via Reuters / Neil Hall]