Adrienne Bailon Can't Wait To Have Rob Kardashian Tattoo Removed

Adrienne Bailon has finally decided that it's high time to get the Rob Kardashian tattoo she has on her body removed. Not so surprising seeing that she broke up with Kardashian over five years ago!

As a gesture, for which Hollywood celebrities have become renowned, having one's partner's name tattooed has been all the rage for many years now. Rage here is the operative word, as Hollywood romances frequently end up badly, so the torment of the partner's name is a painful and daily reminder.

It's well known that Rob Kardashian, who was recently reported having some issues with drugs, got rid of of his Adrienne Bailon tattoo from his rib cage ages ago. Bailon herself already tried to get rid of her tattoo twice, but all to no avail because the tattoo was done so professionally that it hasn't even faded slightly.

She is now going to try for a third time to remove the tattoo using new technology called the PicoSure Laser. Adrienne Bailon hopes will be her last attempt: "I have not been in a relationship with Rob for six years, and I've been with my current boyfriend, [Roc Nation's Lenny S.], for five years. I think it's time to remove it," Bailon told Us Weekly, "I think it's always been time, but there wasn't a procedure that I was sure would not only remove it properly but also not leave me with a worse situation than I started with."

Even though Bailon only dated Kardashian for two years, from 2007-2009, she fell deeply in lust love with him at the time and thought the tattoo was a good idea. An all-too-familiar story.

As she said herself: "I was genuinely in love with him and thought, 'If he's going to do this, I'm going to do this, too.'"

So, it's about time Bailon went ahead and got the Rob Kardashian tattoo removed, as she has been threatening to do it for a while now. Back in 2013 she expressed her regrets about having had the tattoo done in the first place during an episode of The Real, saying it was the "ratchet-iest booty tattoo" and concluding: "I made a very bad decision."

You don't say.