Adrienne Bailon Remains Tight-Lipped About Rob Kardashian

Adrienne Bailon apparently has nothing to say about Rob Kardashian.

Those folks who were hoping the reality TV star’s ex-girlfriend might shed some light on what’s happening in the poor guy’s life right now are about to experience severe disappointment. If Bailon has any inside knowledge about the situation, then she’s not sharing this info with the press at this time.

According to the Christian Post, people seem determined to pick Adrienne Bailon’s brain about Rob’s current state of mind. Unfortunately for those who thrive on celebrity gossip, she’s keeping quiet on the matter.

“I have no idea. I don’t know anything about [the rumors],” she explained to the folks over at Us Weekly.

Although the aforementioned publication couldn’t get Adrienne to open up about Rob Kardashian, they did manage to find an anonymous source who spied Bailon chatting up Jonathan Cheban at the 2014 Fresh Air Fund Gala in New York City last month. The insider swears the pair were discussing Rob.

“Their conversation was intense and serious. Jonathan was telling Adrienne she should reach out to Rob. He seemed concerned for him. Adrienne looked really sad — she was shaking her head, as if she didn’t know what to do or say about the whole thing,” the source explained.

One person who seems clued in about the reality star’s situation is personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. While Adrienne Bailon isn’t willing to discuss her ex-boyfriend with the press, Peterson recently had no problem chatting up People magazine about his client’s current weight loss routine.

“We’re doing intervals with strength movements: squats, the sled, swings and push presses. It’s about getting his heart rate up and keeping it up. I don’t have a scale, I’m not big on measurements,” he explained.

Gunnar added, “Until a person looks in the mirror and is happy with themselves, you have not reached your fitness goals. The key to anyone’s success is staying with it!”

If you stumble across Adrienne Bailon while you’re out and about, then you shouldn’t bother her about Rob Kardashian. Judging from the comment she recently gave Us Weekly, Bailon isn’t not willing to discuss the matter with anyone. In fact, just leave them all alone for the moment. When Rob is ready to return to the public eye, he’ll let you know.

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