Keith Williams: Heroic Three-Year-Old Toddler Saves Man Trapped Inside Hot Car! [Video]

A Knoxville, Tennessee man owes his life to a smart three-year-old toddler, reports KTVZ. Keith Williams, the three-year-old kid, is being hailed a hero after the boy’s quick thinking almost certainly saved the life of the man. Later identified as Bob King, the man was trapped inside a hot car in the parking lot of his church and was unable to get out of it after trying hard for close to five minutes. The car apparently had an electrical issue that caused the doors to lock up with Bob still inside it. With time running out, he was on the verge of panicking when little Keith Williams walked by the car. Bob called out to the toddler and gestured him to help him out.

“I hollered at him and Keith just looked at me kind of funny and I said ‘yeah I’m locked in here,” Bob told news reporters.

When Keith saw King inside the car, he almost certainly knew that the elderly man was in trouble. He could see that Bob was uncomfortable and that it was hot inside the car. Keith Williams immediately rushed inside the church and called for help. Inside the church, the pastor Jack Greene was talking to people when Keith reached behind him and asked him to rush to the parking lot.

“Keith kept pulling at my hand and I eventually turned around and looked at him and said what’s going on and he said ‘locked, locked!” the pastor later told Local8Now

Sensing trouble, the pastor followed Keith Williams to the location, where he saw the man trapped inside the hot car. Bob was immediately helped out of the car. The pastor was able to open the car’s door from outside.

After getting outside the car, Bob King was all praises for his little savior

“I’m very thankful. I don’t know how long it had been. I’d say it probably be another 20 minutes sitting in there if he hadn’t notified somebody,” King said.

Keith’s mom Jessie Williams later said she was extremely proud of her boy and that she was happy that the child knew exactly what to do in a situation like this. Bob King, who now owes his life to the gutsy three year old Keith Williams, had in the past survived strokes, battled cancer, and has a pacemaker embedded inside his body.

Usually, toddlers are the ones who are trapped inside hot cars owing to sheer negligence on their parent’s part. This case, however, saw the roles of the victim and the rescuer reversed! Do you think Keith Williams is a hero?

[Image Via Local8Now]