Kim Kardashian Mobile App On Track To Earn $200 Million This Year

For all the people who always say, "Who cares about Kim Kardashian?" the answer is: plenty. At least that's true if you look at the current numbers that her new mobile phone app, which is aptly named Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, is pulling. According to Bloomberg and Niccolo De Masi, the CEO of Glu Mobile (the platform on which the Kim Kardashian app is built), Kim Kardashian is more relevant than ever.

In less than a month's time, the free app, which is available for download through the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, the game has been downloaded over one million times and is set to make a total of $200 million or more in it's first year. That adds up to an awful lot of Kardashian fans clamoring for the chance to experience the KUWTK experience, if even on a virtual platform.

Furthermore, the game has caused the stock for Glu Mobile to rise. The company has experienced a 42 percent rise in its stock since the release of the app on June 25.

The game allows players to navigate the posh lifestyle of Kim with appearances from her famous siblings throughout the game. Some of the challenges that players are tasked to overcome are deciding which A-list party to attend to handling paparazzi to dismissing tabloid rumors. Even though the app is free to download and play, much of the aforementioned revenue projections are based off of in-game advertisements and in-app purchases, according to People magazine.

NY Daily News offers the following insight from Douglas Cruetz, a game analyst:

Obviously, Kim Kardashian's brand has driven people to download the game. But at this point, the game has taken on a life of its own.
Kim Kardashian's brand currently also includes a clothing line, jewelry, and makeup from which Kim has built a net worth of $45 million.

The game, however isn't so popular in all circles. Serious gamers have criticized the app for it's unrealistic take on life, and have described it as "vapid." Furthermore, these hardcore gamers can't quite wrap their heads around why anybody would want to "live like Kim."

Still, Kardashian stands to make a mint off this celebrity endorsement deal, adding to the $28 million that she has already made this year for various other endorsements and reality show earnings. Further proof that while Kim Kardashian might not be everyone's cup of tea, her brand definitely sells.