Charlotte Piper


From a very young age, Charlotte had a strong attraction to literature and the written word and started her very first blog at twenty years old. She has collaborated on dozens of online and print projects since then. The entertainment world has always been fascinating to her as it is an excellent study in marketing. Being an entertainment reporter seemed like the best way to be 'in the entertainment world, but not of it' and she seeks to tell the stories that others don't see. She is also a super woman mom and wife, with passions that include whole food recipes, organic cooking, natural nutrition, social awareness, music, philosophy, art, and design. Singing and cooking reality shows and prime-time dramas are her secret guilty pleasure. Charlotte currently contributes to several online publications, covering a wide range of topics. Threaded throughout her various projects is her passion for the written word, the need to share her world with the world around her, and overall quest for wisdom, knowledge, and personal empowerment.

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