WWE News: Another Major Update On CM Punk, WWE Not Likely To Renew Contract

There are three more days until CM Punk’s contract officially expires with the WWE. Rumors will be constantly swirling until it hits midnight on July 18. Then, all that will be left includes theories on when he will return. Whether it will be in a few months or a few years, speculation will always reign supreme.

This update could possibly burst any bubble that WWE will renew his deal, or Punk wanting to return to the company on a sudden epiphany that his love for wrestling returned. F4WOnline, a very reputable source, is reporting that WWE is not likely to renew the deal of Punk’s contract, quite like they did with Rey Mysterio a few months ago.

“The belief in WWE is that it’s not in anyone’s best interest to force a renewal of Punk’s contract, so it likely will not be happening. Punk owns the rights to the name ‘CM Punk,’ and is back to using the Punk name on Talking Dead as opposed to his real name, Phil Brooks. Punk has a non-WWE related appearance lined up for AXS TV after his WWE deal expires in a few days.”

WrestleZone did note that talks were indeed occurring about renewing the deal for another six months to reinforce the days Punk didn’t commit to the company. As Nick Paglino recalled, “A smart move on WWE’s part not to press the issue with Punk’s contract. WWE really has nothing to gain by furthering straining its relationship with Punk.”

He went on saying that he could witness Punk in the WWE years later, like Brock Lesnar did in 2012. However, renewing the deal out of pure hope that he’ll re-sign within the next six of 12 months is purely irresponsible.

Adding to the fire of his “potential” return, on July 21, Punk will be co-hosting the Gibson Brands’ AP Music Awards at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. The program will be broadcasted on AXS TV. The event takes place four days after Punk’s contract would expire. WWE is very odd about other wrestlers doing television work on other stations. Regardless of AXS TV being competition or not, Vince McMahon is usually eerie on the subject.

Not to mention that the AP Music Awards appears on a Monday night.

When the WWE Universe caught word that a CM Punk special would appear on the WWE Network, the fire burned bright that his return was imminent. It would make perfect sense in a world full of logic and rationale. His newlywed AJ Lee returned to win the Diva’s championship. Why would Punk want to be away from his wife? He’s now alone in his Chicago apartment.

To burst even more bubbles, none of that matters.

Punk revealed a potential new career move last night on Twitter. It has now caught the whole WWE Universe by storm.

If he were to start a podcast, then it would likely be non-wrestling related. It would break all sorts of podcast records by listens, and that is a guarantee. As for the idea of a band, Punk always was a music junkie. So, that reality is not too far from existing.

Those three days are counting down swiftly. Nothing, at the moment, confirms that Punk will sign an extension this soon. He will be back. Like it has been said a million times, everyone returns eventually. It’s a matter of when, how, and where. We’ll keep you updated on all of the Punk drama, and when he will be back with the WWE, at Inquisitr Sports.

[Images via Chicago Tribune and SportsKeeda]