Kobe Bryant Allegedly Attacks Man At Church

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is back in the media, once again for a negative reason. According to reports the b-baller attacked a man while attending church.

According to KTLA Bryant was attending services at San Diego's St. Therese of Carmel on Sunday when the man began taking pictures of Kobe and his wife Venessa using his cellphone. The picture taker says Bryant decided he didn't want his photo to be taken and proceeded to grab the victims phone, hurting the man's wrist in the process.

The injured party says Kobe looked through the phone and when he realized the man had not managed to snap any photos of him or his wife, he gave the phone back as if nothing had just happened.

A local hospital treated the man for a minor wrist injury and he went home a short time after arriving.

According to the Los Angeles Times Kobe Bryant was questioned, as were parishioners who witnessed the alleged battery.

If the story is true it won't be good for Kobe's image which has already been tainted after rape charges were pressed against Bryant in 2003 when then 19-year-old hotel employee Katelyn Faber accused the basketball star of rape in Eagle, Colorado, that case was dropped when Faber eventually refused to testify. Bryant did admit to the affair but denied wrongdoing.

Bryant also recently paid $100,000 for using a homophobic slur during an official NBA game.

No official statements from Kobe Bryant or his reps about the incident have been announced at this time. Can everyone say settlement, because that's where this one is likely heading in the coming months.