70-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Robber With 8-Packs Of Beer

A 70-year-old Best Stop Food Mart employee had quite the scare in Oklahoma City this week. Lien Nguyen fought off a would-be robber who was wielding a gun with an unlikely weapon: cases of beer.

KOCO reports, Lein Nguyen, 70, was watching the store at South East 23rd Street and Central Avenue when a woman entered the store with a gun. The woman demanded money from Nguyen and began beating her with the end of a gun. Nguyen said the assailant threatened to kill her if she didn’t give up the money saying:

“Give me money. Give me all your money. If not, I shoot you. I kill you,’ and she keep saying that.”

News9 says Nguyen remained relatively calm and fearless as she told the armed robber:

“Honey, I’m 70-year-old already.. die today.. or tomorrow. Honey, you want to shoot me, go ahead to shoot me, okay.. you think you kill me and you will have money, you’re wrong. I told her, ‘You think you do that, but you young. If you get caught, you be in prison a long time.”

After reasoning with her attacker didn’t work, the clerk knew she had to fight back as the women was continuing to beat her with the gun. At this point, Nguyen grabbed some nearby 8-pack cases of beer and began throwing them at the burglar. Once the woman saw that Nguyen was going to fight back, she ran from the store. Nguyen thinks she is lucky, but is glad those handy 8-packs were nearby.

Three days after the attack, when interviewed, bruises were still visible on Nguyen’s head and shoulder from the gun attack. Nguyen is still in good spirits and says that she is just happy she wasn’t shot.

The would-be robber has still not been identified by police. However, I don’t think she will be messing with anymore beer-toting grandmas anytime soon.

Nguyen isn’t the first grandma to fight off robbers with an unlikely weapon, an 80-year-old women fought off two armed robbers in a grocery store by hurling fruit at them. The woman was hit by the robbers with the end of their gun, just like Nguyen, but immediately began pelting the robbers with apples and mangoes. Stunned, the robbers tried to stop the fruit-wielding grandma from hitting them, but decided to eventually abort the robbery. Both grannies are heroes in my book.

What do you think of this hard-core beer throwing grandma? Would you have remained as calm as she did if you were being robbed at gunpoint?