Want to Watch Mean Girls Live With Tina Fey? Here’s Your Chance.

Mean Girls Tina Fey

Mean Girls may just be the most quoted movie of the last decade. Not only do memes of its best jabs still fill Facebook feeds daily, but references to the movie are so common on Reddit and other message boards that they go without any need for a citation. A charity screening in Philadelphia this month will give diehard fans the opportunity to see Mean Girls screenwriter Tina Fey laugh at her own jokes for $100 a ticket, according to local paper Philly.com.

The event will also feature a meet-and-greet with Fey, but you’re already too late if you want tickets. Tina’s close contact encounter with fans sold out 100 slots less than 10 minutes after they first went on sale, proving Mean Girls has far from lost its pull. Lauren Yacina, the director of the performing arts center where the event will be held, lamented not being able to accommodate all of the fans who wanted to meet Fey.

“It’s sad to have people try to call and get the (meet and greet) tickets, but Tina’s camp said we cannot sell more than 100 tickets for it.”

The purpose of the Mean Girls screening charity event is to raise $30,000 for a new sound system for the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center, a local performing arts center linked to the Upper Darby High School, where similar Mean Girls tactics may take place just like in the film. A total of 1,600 seats are available for the screening, which also include a Q&A with Tina.

Fey is also an alumni of the Summer Stage program that the center puts on every year. It puts on several different workshops, some with spaces for children in need to find outlets for creativity, sometimes with the goal of correcting behavioral problems, another article in Philly.com reported.

Mean Girls was the biggest box-office hit for bad-girl icon Lindsay Lohan when Mean Girls was released in 2004. Since then, the film has managed to keep her fresh in audience’s minds despite not really having another major success since then. Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried also owe a lot to the film for launching their careers, in fact both are still often asked about in interviews, occasionally not-too-convincingly laughing at the tiresome “fetch” jokes reporters still make. The two have both been nominated for wealth of awards since Mean Girls broke.

Fey herself also benefitted heavily from Mean Girls’ success. She went to the write and star in the Emmy-winning cult hit 30 Rock. Although she has not manage to write another hit as solid in the box office or the critic’s eyes as Mean Girls, her cult-like status still makes her name a huge draw even 10 years after her defining work.