Thousands Of Pro-Palestine Rioters Swarm Israeli Embassy In London

The amplified conflict between Israel and Palestine has drawn a line in the sand pertaining to how people outside of the war zone. Because of certain situations, such as the Israeli Air Force showing their dominance in less than thirty minutes and Benjamin Netanyahu directly calling out Barack Obama and John Kerry, the world in general seems to be favoring Palestine. It doesn’t help out that the Hamas supposedly made fighting on their side “cool” with their newest unconventional weapon.

To support this, there are now reports that thousands of pro-Palestine supporters are swarming around the Israeli Embassy in London. All together, about 10,000 people, including Muslims, Jews, and Christians, joined in a demonstration to show solidarity with Palestinians facing the full power of the Israeli military.

Initially reported by Socialist Worker, the protest outside the Israeli embassy was lively and determined. Not only were there a mix of people from all three Abrahamic monotheistic religions, but there was also an eclectic mix of young and old too along with socialists and Palestine campaigners. A double-decker bus was hijacked and moved to the center of the demonstration too. Probably the biggest pop came when an Orthodox Jew climbed onto the roof of the bus to help raise the Palestine flag.

The police were taken by surprise by the size and militant mindset of the demonstration. Therefore, they had to abandon earlier attempts to contain it. As for major voices during the presentation, Jeremy Corbyn was one of the speakers and gave a statement in support of the demonstration:

“Collective punishment is illegal in any aspect of international law. All those who have died are victims of Israel’s occupation.

We turned out in our thousands tonight, and we’ll turn out in our thousands again – both here and around the world – until the Palestinians get peace and recognition.”

Now The End Begins followed up on the initial article with their insights. In their article, they brought up that the protesters at London want to make people believe that Palestine is defenseless and that Israel has no right to defend themselves. That is very confusing because the Hamas has admitted to rocket strikes against Israel, including an attempt to blow up a nuclear facility to cause a “nuclear crisis”.

Also, the article reports that Palestinian militants have fired over 600 rockets at Israel, with most of them happening once Israel went into Operation Protective Edge. There was also a report that one rocket fired by the Hamas struck a gas station setting the southern part of Israel ablaze. Conveniently, that bit of news was left unreported to the rest of the world too.

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