Hidden Cash Plays Hide-And-Seek In Southern California

Hidden Cash

Hidden Cash fans in Southern California: get your eagle eyes ready to find money!

Hidden Cash is the latest social interactive sensation created by Bay Area real estate investor Joseph Buzi. He tweeted news and clues to his more than 70,000 followers starting back on Wednesday, according to KTLA5. For those unfamiliar to the social interactive sport, Buzi tweets out clues as to where he has left cash to be found, usually in varying amounts. Buzi first started his philanthropic scavenger hunt in the Los Angeles area in late May of 2014, leaving cash drops in multiple areas, including in Burbank, Pasadena, San Marino, Echo Park, and Hermosa Beach.

For this round of Hidden Cash, Buzi left tweets beginning Wednesday. His first tweet was “LA: For tomorrow: They always told me money doesn’t grow on trees. They lied. 10 AM for more clues.” The post arrived shortly after 8:30 pm with a picture of $100 bills attached by a paper clip to a tree. A separate tweet an hour later explained the money would be found in red plastic boxes, instead of white paper envelopes used previously.

Thursday at 10 am, Buzi tweeted again, letting prospective Hidden Cash finders know the drop would be made in the San Fernando Valley. Another tweet arrived shortly after 10 am: “LA first crew; they locked the gate on me after I hid the $$$ here last night! Had to do some off-roading.” Two more clues led finders to Lake Balboa park, and shortly after the hidden treasures were found. “I happened to catch it out of the corner of my eye just off the bridge so I went down there and picked it up,” Brian D’Haem said after finding a $100 bill.

Buzi may have to abandon Hidden Cash soon, however. According to CBS Houston, Buzi has taken time off from his real estate investment job to run his contest.

“I love it, but it’s made it really hard to work my business. I have spent $50,000 and it hasn’t been two months. And although it has been the most rewarding $50,000 I have ever spent, I’m going to have to stop or slow down within six months,” Buzi said of Hidden Cash.

Still, he has plans to keep paying it forward for a while. “We’d like to come back to Texas, and Houston, for sure.” With positive feedback, Buzi expanded overseas to Madrid and London within four weeks. At this very moment, three boxes with over £2,000 ($1,000) are hidden somewhere in London.

This round of Hidden Cash Southern California ends Sunday, July 13.