‘Frozen’ Still On Fire, Disney Channel Stars Sing Song From Film

Disney Stars Sing Song And Make New Music Video

If after months and months of crazed fanfare and seemingly hundreds of covers of the handful of songs from Frozen you’re still not fully satisfied, Disney has another treat for you in the form of a Frozen-filled weekend, including a new cover of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” from a whole host of Disney Channel stars:

Twenty-six stars of Disney’s hit programming for kids and tweens perform a new interpretation of the song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Disney’s Academy Award-winning animated film “Frozen.” The new pop arrangement of the song will debut FRIDAY, JULY 18 on Radio Disney; its music video will premiere on the popular WATCH Disney Channel app for verified users on FRIDAY, JULY 18 and SUNDAY, JULY 20 on Disney Channel.

In the rest of the press release, Steven Vincent, Vice President of Music and Soundtracks at Disney Channel, stated the their approach to the video. The Disney stars performed this live with no pre-recording, and according to Vincent, they were treat the affair like they would a “big party with a group of friends singing their hearts out and having fun together…” It all seems very much in the vein of We Are The World,” only minus the charity. Check out the video above courtesy of Just Jared Jr.

The Frozen-filled weekend will be hosted by Josh Gad, voice of Olaf in the film. He will be introducing new episodes of Disney series, with Frozen singalongs thrown in between programs. Of course this isn’t completely out of left field.

Ever since Frozen‘s release last November, it has been subject to a plethora of covers, parodies, and homages–even Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam couldn’t help but throw in a bit of “Let It Go” in one of his shows in Italy. The film has been a proverbial cash cow for Disney these past several months, and they have done a wonderful job of keeping the film relevant long after its theater run and release onto Blu-ray and DVD. In true Disney form, you can find Frozen merchandise all over, and even in the most unlikely of places (case in point, according to Forbes, Disney is releasing a Frozen version of the PS4 in Japan).

The films have even managed to bleed into TV, with its characters being added to the long roster of the hit ABC show Once Upon A Time. In the age of the internet, keeping aging properties as relevant as possible is incredibly important, especially when you have the Disney pedigree that Frozen has.

Thoughts on this? Is this new cover pushing Frozen past the tipping point as far as overexposure goes, or is this just good business practice from a decades-old successful company? Sound off below!