Hilarious Disney’s ‘Frozen Is The New Black’ Video

With all the success of Disney’s Frozen, it is no surprise that parodies galore have popped up everywhere. YouTube.com is busting at the seams with Frozen’s top hit Let It Go. We thought we had seen it all until animator Leigh Lahav, known for her very popular Netflix series Orange Is The New Black.

Lahav has put her animation genius brain in overdrive and created a Frozen video mashup. According to Time, Lahav makes you wonder what would have happened if Elsa had to do hard time for “freezing the kingdom of Arendelle.”

In this hilarious Frozen video mashup, Elsa (who is replacing Piper in OITNB) is thrown into a women’s prison for her bad deeds against Arendelle. According to LaughSpin.com, there are many bad princesses in this “princess” prison. Oh, no. This prison is full of many Disney’s royalty such as Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Snow White, Mulan, Pocahontas and the list goes on.

It is a must-see video and with over 280,000 views in just one day alone. Check it out, but be aware of some expletives.

Photo Credit: Laughspin.com