‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Bench Is Back In Amsterdam

The Fault In Our Stars bench

In case you were worrying if The Fault in Our Stars bench was still among the missing, let us reassure you that the bench is back where it belongs. The bench, which was stolen from the Amsterdam location, has been returned. For those who aren’t aware, the bench was stolen after it was made famous by the book and film in a scene where the characters Hazel and Augustus share a monumental moment.

A spokesperson for the city admitted that the book and film sparked interest in people who were on vacation. Some people too a trip there just because of The Fault in Our Stars, while others just wanted to see the specific spot of the bench while vacationing with friends and family. Unfortunately, that means it also made the bench a target for theft.

We reported that the bench from The Fault in Our Stars went missing, and according to The Monterey Herald, officials were stumped on its whereabouts. Stephen van der Hoeck, the Amsterdam city spokesman, said of the bench’s disappearance:

“It’s a bit embarrassing. Because we do keep good track of them. But it’s gone all right.”

It was suspected that the bench was stolen by vandals or some The Fault in Our Stars nut. Either way, the bench has mysteriously reappeared unharmed. According to Entertainment Weekly, officials explained that the bench is exactly the same one used in the film.

The Amsterdam Film Office confirmed the news on Twitter:

Furthermore, Amsterdam film commissioner Simon Brester spoke to the outlet and said that it’s not a replacement. Funny enough, when we originally reported on the stolen bench from The Fault in Our Stars, it was said that if they couldn’t find the bench that a replacement would be brought in. It looks like a few fans are already planning their trip to Amsterdam to see the famous bench:

Some fans have already visited to the sight before the great steal:

Hopefully this time around the bench from The Fault in Our Stars will stay put!

[Image via 20th Century Fox]