Scott Disick Cheating: Did Affair Prompt Scott To Give Up Drinking?

Scott Disick was reportedly caught cheating during a booze-fueled binge, a revelation that appears to have prompted the reality television star to swear off drinking in a bid to keep his girlfriend from leaving.

Disick was reportedly partying alone in the Hamptons late last month when he got wasted and tried hitting on several women. According to In Touch magazine, he tried to kiss someone in the bathroom and later sucked on a waitress’ toes.

“He was hitting on girls left and right,” an eyewitness told In Touch magazine, including Cristal Lee Harper, a waitress and model. “He offered her money to suck on her toes, and she let him… then he didn’t even pay her.”

This all went down while Scott’s pregnant girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian was away taking care of their two young kids, 4-year-old Mason and 2-year-old Penelope.

A source said that Scott Disick was so wasted that he forced himself on other young partiers.

“He later tried to kiss someone else in the bathroom,” the report noted. “He grabbed her and turned his sweaty head to kiss her, but she pushed him away and made a grossed-out face. He was so wasted, he didn’t even seem to notice.”

When Kourtney caught wind of the cheating, she reportedly put her foot down.

“She’s really concerned about their kids,” an insider told the mag. “She doesn’t want a cheating dad around them. She hates when he embarrasses her and is sloppy so publicly. Thank God she hasn’t married him — this is probably why!”

Scott appears to have gotten the message. After Kourtney threw him out of their home, Scott swore off drinking. He is still going out to clubs — and recently took $50,000 for making an appearance at Harrah’s Pool After Dark — but has decided not to drink while he’s out.

Scott Disick appears to have quit drinking and gotten back on path just in time. Kourtney is due with the couple’s third child in just a few weeks.