Ashton Kutcher Given $35,000 Per Month Mobile Home For ‘Two and a Half Men’ Shoots

Ashton Kutcher is already the highest paid actor on TV, raking in a cool $700,000 per episode for Two and a Half Men and now it has been learned that he has also been given a $35,000 per month “luxury mobile home” that features two stories and plenty of other perks.

Known as a “mobile estate” the on-site shooting hangout is 53 feet long and 16 feet tall with satellite TV, seven 3D plasma screens and a second floor which is lifted on hydraulics for easy transport with furniture that folds to make the second story transport possible.

Kutcher isn’t the first actor to receive the two bathroom luxury trailers, other notables include Mariah Carey and Vin Diesel. Recently A-list actor Will Smith caused a fuss when his 53 foot trailer took over a large part of a New York block while filming Men In Black 3, he was eventually forced to park his trailer in an alley and apologized to local residents for the distraction his trailer caused.

The That 70’s Show actor has already finished filming the debut episode of Two and a Half Men which is said to begin with the death of Charlie Sheen’s character Charlie Harper, who meets his fate when hit by a train.

Given that Charlie Sheen received $1.2 million per episode the $35,000 per month cost for the Ashton Kutcher luxury trailer is still a steal for the top rated CBS comedy series.

Do you plan to watch the new Two and a Half Men when it makes it’s Ashton Kutcher led debut?