Justin Bieber Gal Pal Yovanna Ventura Bullied By Fans Amid Chantel Jeffries’ Hostility

Justin Bieber’s current girlfriend Yovanna Ventura is forced to announce she doesn’t have a Twitter, as fake accounts spread online and the model is harrassed by bullies at her Instagram account.

It seems Bieber’s former girlfriend Selena Gomez isn’t the only one getting a dose of online bullying.

Ever since the “Baby” singer posted an Instagram photo of himself, current gal pal Yovanna Ventura, and Kylie Jenner hanging out in Las Vegas for boxer pal Floyd Mayweather’s face-off against Marcos Maidana in May, the Miami model has been attacked at her Instagram.

Now, Ventura has publicly declared she does not have a Twitter page as fake accounts pop up online.

Since last week, Ventura has also faced increased negative comments from a collective of fans at her Instagram, after Bieber’s ex-gal pal Chantel Jeffries slammed him and his new girlfriend in numerous tweets.

On Monday, Ventura posted a message stating she has not signed up to Twitter.

Alongside a screenshot of one of the fake Twitter accounts – there are at least three that we have seen – Yovanna placed a “Not Me” graphic in capitalized, red type across the image.

Her to-the-point caption read: “This is not me, I DON’T have a twitter! I won’t be making one for now.”

For over a week, all three impostor “Ventura” Twitters have posted messages purporting to be the model. Many mention Bieber directly or allude to the singer.

Sleep with his t-shirt is the best feeling when he is away

— Yovanna Ventura (@yowventura) July 15, 2014

Online harassment of Ventura at her Instagram account began back in early May.

Many female users criticized her habit of posting views of her posterior. Negative comments at such posts tended to consist of profane or obscene insults, and continue to.

Those comments multiplied after Bieber blitzed his social media pages with photographs of himself and Yovanna from Tuesday, July 8 — and since.

One incoherent comment from a user known as Selenaigomezx [The account is not run by the Disney alum] raged:

“Before you try post shades that he knows your a** is “real” think again because he knows his LOVE for SELENA is REAL!!!!!!!! and hes USING YOU to get over arguments and forget his Anger so b**** pack your s*** ugly big a** and ship yourself too whoreland where people like big a**** and tiny stomachs!!!!!!!… (sic)”.

The user’s mention of “shade” is a reference to a Shots photo Yovanna posted, in response to a derogatory tweet aimed at her by Jeffries a few days ago.

After which, Ventura uploaded a Shots and Instagram photo of her posterior [linked above] which she captioned,”He knows it’s real,” Jeffries tweeted:

Jeffries then posted:

I could do it too but too many off guard pics don’t want to look crazy. pic.twitter.com/t5UmYR4Qky

— CeeJay (@ChantelJeffries) July 13, 2014

Jeffries began actively posting negative comments about Bieber and Ventura following the Canadian singer posting cozy snaps of himself and the fitness model last week.

@belieberxxsmile apparently he ‘loves’ everyone so who knows lol

— CeeJay (@ChantelJeffries) July 10, 2014

Many more tweets of that nature from Jeffries have since followed. Their gist is echoed by Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke – a singer-songwriter — who is both a rumored former flame of Bieber and a friend of Jefferies. Indeed, Chantel and Ella recently hung out in Paris, Mail Online reports.

Earlier this week, Bieber sent a Shots message to Clarke, writing: “Those sunglasses are pretty big…”, accompanied by a photo of his baggy trousers and enhanced-white shoes.

Clarke’s response? ” @justinbieber all the better to shade you with my dear lmfao.”

It’s likely the bullying of Ventura will continue as long as she remains in Bieber’s life, and perhaps beyond that.

Justin Bieber And Yovanna Ventura

[Images via Shots of Me, Instagram.]