‘Battlefield 4’ Bugs: EA And DICE Still Fixing Their Mistakes, Owning Up

The Battlefield 4 bugs are about the biggest snafu in recent gaming history, proof that the game was rushed out and damaged their reputation for the latest generation. However, unlike EA’s original stance with the last SimCity, they and developer DICE are owning up to their mistakes and have issued an apology.

Even though Activision’s latest shooter was accused of being the exact same thing it’s been for the last few years, the Call of Duty vs Battlefield war was surprisingly one-sided as CoD: Ghosts took the trophy for simply being less of a mess. There were so many things wrong with EA’s release that they practically handed the trophy to the competition. People still play Battlefield 4 despite it being a glitchy mess (much like Saints Row IV), but Electronic Arts isn’t just sitting there and enjoying the attention of loyal fans.

EA and DICE are still working on removing the Battlefield 4 bugs because it hurts the franchise and gamer loyalty not to.

The developers at Electronic Arts have truly shown they are changing their ways in the following statement:

“To be blunt as honest here, guys, we understand that there were massive issues with BF4 at one point. We’ve made a TON of changes since release. Is the game perfect at this point? No it is not. But we WILL NOT give up on that game and are proud of it regardless. This is the Battlefield account. Not the Hardline account, not the BF4 account, but the Battlefield franchise account. And we are here to help with anything that we may be able to.

“At this point we want to appreciate our players and convey respect. If it wasn’t for our community, we would be nowhere. Any, and all feedback is appreciated. If you guys want to flame out on us? Flame away.”

Electronic Arts are very aware that their treatment of players before was lacking, and the fact that they are actually inviting negative feedback from gamers is quite surprising. The Battlefield 4 bugs were unforgivable, but they are doing everything they can, and will continue to do so, to make reparations for their past choices.

This shows absolute respect and could help EA come back from their two years in a row of being the worst company. They care about the gamers and don’t mind inviting the hate that comes with feedback, and if Battlefield: Hardline ends up being the Game of the Year because of it, they deserve our respect in return.

EA’s attempt to fix the Battlefield 4 bugs almost a year after it was released is a great indication that they know they messed up and they’re trying to make it right. The apology was simply confirmation of the fact.

[image via technobuffalo]