Michele Bachmann: Gay People With Kids Are Not Families, Rich People Need More Tax Cuts

Another day, another gay hating comment from GOP and Tea Party presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. Speaking on Meet the Press the Minnesota lawmaker noted that she will not call gay couple’s who adopt children a “family” while insisting that the gay rights issue isn’t what people “are concerned about right now.”

David Gregory pointed out after her comment that she once called gay issues one of the “defining political issues.”

While Bachmann was attempting to take a victory lap from her Iowa straw poll victory Douglas pressed her repeatedly about her stance on gay rights, noting that during a 2004 address she said being homosexual was was a choice of “personal enslavement.”

Responding to Gregory she wouldn’t answer the question, instead repeating, “I am running for the presidency of the United States,” while insisting she doesn’t judge gay people, a decidedly different response from her enslavement comment years earlier and the comment she made during the show.

Here’s the Meet The Press interview so you can examine Backmann’s responses on your own:

Appearing on Fox News on Sunday Bachmann then used decidedly Tea Party based rhetoric to reveal that the tax code was the “job-killing center of the United States,” while revealing that “We have to lower tax rates considerably on job creators (really rich people for those unfamiliar with the GOP’s new name for the rich) and with everything from the death tax to alternative minimum tax to 100% expensing immediately for small business.”

Bachmann can preach all she wants about taxes, medical care and other issues, but until she learns to better address the gay rights issue and keep her mouth shut when appropriate those issues will be over shadowed by her past and present comments.

Anyone else feel that the “cut taxes for the rich” comments to be a political race killer for Michele Bachmann? I don’t think the millions of unemployed American’s are going to agree with her comments as CEO pay increased by 27% in 2010, while corporations earning record profits continued to shut down entire divisions of their operations.