Tim Pawlenty Drops Out Of GOP Presidential Race

It looks like the highest office Tim Pawlenty will ever hold is the office of Minnesota Governor. The former Minnesota head of state announced on Sunday that he has dropped out of the GOP presidential nominee race.

During a conference call to ABC’s This Week he said his race was coming to an end after disappointing numbers in the Iowa straw poll, a major indicator for the Presidential election cycle.

According to Pawlenty:

“We needed to get some lift to continue on and have a pathway forward and that didn’t happen, so I’m announcing on your show that I’m ending my campaign for president.”

He went on to add:

“I wish it would have been different, but obviously the pathway forward for me doesn’t really exist, so we’re going to end the campaign.”

Before he dropped out of the race Pawlenty called Iowa a state he must win in order to gain the traction needed to take the GOP nomination and eventually square off against President Obama.

In the meantime, Pawlenty was overshadowed by another Minnesota rival, Michele Bachmann, who won the Iowa straw poll.

It’s not uncommon to receive campaign drop out announcements after the Iowa straw poll is revealed, especially from Presidential hopefuls who’s numbers required them to win or place high in the polls in order to gain much needed traction and financing for the rest of their campaigning.

Do you think Tim Pawlenty should have dropped out of the race after the Iowa straw poll was revealed?