The Highest Honor To Bestow Upon Your Cat… Is To Feed Your Cat Sushi [VIDEO]

Sushi Cat

In the Japanese culture, the culinary skill of creating sushi is considered an art form in which the guest is treated to a delectable treat that is bound to seduce the senses. Just like a guest honored with a Chinese Tea Ceremony in China, a person receives honor when they are treated to a beautiful presentation of the highest standard pertaining to sushi. Thanks to DIY videos and books, the common man can make sushi and bestow the honor on anyone… even their pet cat!

Uploaded on the YouTube channel of Adeline Kenneth on July 1, 2014, the video already has over 70,000 views and constantly fluctuates on the top 50 of most popular YouTube videos right now. When it comes to the user, this seems to be the only video uploaded on the channel, meaning this channel is fairly new. Not bad if you think about it right? There are channels on the website that have hundreds of videos don’t get the recognition this one video got. Speaking of, the detail in the video — though simplistic — was really good. From the use of the cat-shaped serving plate, the intricate work of making sushi, especially the bowl, to just having the cat (named Gaiyek) wearing a fancy tie, this video shows the little things matter. Using the song Cheer Blossoms by The New Kyoto Ensemble worked for the video too.

To be fair, this is not the first video of a cat being served sushi. Another user going by the user name “tomomama3” made a video of serving their cat sushi. It has over 6 million views but was made 3 years ago. I am going to guess the popularity comes from the anime-inspired belief that cats would love sushi because sushi is simply raw fish in the basest of belief.

Honestly, this video that is trending now was probably made just for the love of making a video and wasn’t expected to generate so many views. Taking account the last serving cat sushi video was done about six years ago, there was a definite need. We are glad that it was made, so it can join the other cat and dog videos we have here, such as cats and dogs meeting newborns or having trouble sleeping.

[Image via Bing]