Feeling Sleepy? You’ll Relate To The Dogs And Cats Who Struggle To Stay Awake In This Hilarious Video

Cats may be the champion snoozers of the animal kingdom, logging about 16 hours of Z’s every day, but dogs are not far behind. A typical dog will get about 14 hours of sleep per day, but like cats, they take their shut-eye in the form of short naps. The whole idea of sleeping for eight solid hours at a stretch seems pretty weird to both cats and dogs.

But cats and dogs are social animals and when there’s excitement going on with their human companions, they don’t want to miss it just because of their excessive need to nod off. That’s why this video, a compilation of cats and dogs fighting the battle to stay awake — and losing — is so hilarious.

We all can understand what these little furry friends are going through.

This video was put together by Modern Mom, and these are what the moms on that YouTube channel consider the Top 10 sleepy pet videos, all strung together into one, adorable two-and-a-half-minute clip.

Note that not every animal in this video is trying to stay awake. Some are fast asleep — and dreaming up a storm. Yes, cats and dogs not only sleep — they dream, just like humans. Well, maybe not exactly like humans.

“There is no reason to think that animals do not experience the same phenomena [as humans],” Roseville California, veterinarian Lisa Boyer says. “The purpose of dreaming in people is suggested to be to maintain one’s sense of self. The animal model is not clear, especially since we can’t ask them.”

In other words, cats and dogs have dreams. But what they dream about? No one can say for sure. Watch this sleepy animal video and see if you can come up with a theory.