Jenny McCarthy Thought She Would Be On ‘The View’ For Another 20 Years

Jenny McCarthy said recently that she envisioned herself as a host on The View for the next 20 years.

It turns out she was just a bit off.

Last week ABC executives cut ties with both McCarthy and fellow host Sherri Shepherd, a move that clearly shocked Jenny. She had just told New You magazine in a recently published interview that she intended to stay on the show for at least a few more decades.

When asked where she saw herself in 20 years, Jenny McCarthy responded: “Believe it or not, I think I’m in still on The View. I love the show.”

Jenny McCarthy made another prediction, one much more likely to turn out. She predicted that in 2034 she would be happily married to now-fiance Donny Wahlberg.

“He’s my mirror,” McCarthy told the magazine. “Things were always unbalanced in my previous relationships—I’ve either been a teacher or a student. With Donnie, we’re just equal. I have my own identity and goals and he has his, yet we’re so similar we work on them together.”

Jenny is wasting no time putting that plan into motion. McCarthy recently said that she and Donny plan to waste no time in walking the aisle.

“I will say that. It’s soon, it’s very soon so if you guys have dress ideas please send them…” Jenny said on The View.

Jenny McCathy declined to give a date, but said there’s still enough time for her to get into shape.

“No, but it’s soon [enough] that I should be on a treadmill as we speak or at least getting a manicure,” she said as she held up her hands. “Can you see these I am just, like, not ready at all.”

As for her career plans, Jenny McCarthy said she has already taken a new job and will be announcing it in the next few weeks.