Brooke Hogan Poses Naked For PETA [Pic]

Brooke Hogan, daughter of famed wrestler Terry "Hulk" Hogan has stripped down in support of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals better known as PETA.

Brooke appears inside a cage for the sultry photo shoot which is meant to show her support for PETA's I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur campaign which the company started years ago to convince people to stop wearing what some people considered a fashion "accessory."

It turns out that the event which occurred in Wynwood's Cafeina Lounge wasn't actually a PETA sponsored-shoot, although the not-for-profit was happy to have her support, telling the HuffPost:

"The photo shoot that Brooke Hogan participated in was not a PETA-sponsored event. However, we're grateful to Brooke for participating in the photo exhibition in Miami, for which the proceeds of the photos are going toward PETA's lifesaving programs."
Photographer Jordan Michael Zuniga put the shoot together and titled it Women in Cages with the intent of raising awareness about animal cruelty.

While Brooke Hogan wasn't a PETA endorsed member of the program, PETA has attracted many celebrities to the "naked" campaign including Christina Applegate and Elisabetta Canalis.

Speaking to the Miami New Times Brooke Hogan says she hopes the campaign helps raise more awareness, telling them:

“I hope it shocks them to see a human in the place of an ‘animal.’ We've almost gotten past the prejudices and racisms among humans alone, next is animals. We're all God's creatures. Just because we don't speak the same language doesn't mean they don't have feelings too."
No comment from Hulk Hogan at this time.