Chimera Cat Named Venus Has Two Faces, Neither Of Which Are Grumpy

Venus the amazing chimera cat is probably destined to become another famous kitty just based upon its appearance, but can this amazing feline match up to Grumpy Cat?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a fat dachshund named Obie lost 50 pounds in order to become the world’s biggest loser in the animal kingdom. The pirate cat Sir Stuffington was apparently stolen by a scallywag, according to the owner, but fortunately the story has a good ending.

Ever since Venus the chimera cat went public, her owner, Christina, has seen YouTube video views reach the millions and the kitty even has her own Facebook page. The reason she is called a chimera cat is due to her distinctive fur markings. Although the majority of her body is like a calico cat, the “left side of Venus’ face is black with a green eye, the right side of her face has orange tabby cat markings with a striking blue eye. The two distinct markings meet at the center of Venus’ face, making it look like she has two faces.”

The two-faced cat named Venus was actually a stray that was found back in 2009 on a North Carolina dairy farm. Little Venus was the runt of the litter but she has been known to stand up to the other animals in the household, even daring to steal food from the family dog. Venus is also friends with Venus the bunny, who also has the chimera appearance based upon the fur markings.

What do you think about this cute kitty, Venus the amazing chimera cat?