Pirate Cat Sir Stuffington Plundered By A Scallywag, Brave Cat Makes Fearless Escape

The pirate cat Sir Stuffington was allegedly plundered by an unknown scallywag, but the owner reports the brave cat has made its fearless escape and is already back safe home, ready to make more viral photos.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when a cat perched on a cop’s shoulders during a burglary investigation, someone thought to take a photo and the picture went viral.

Aisley Deymonaz is the owner of the one-eyed pirate cat, and she says that when she left her first floor apartment to go to work in the morning, Sir Stuffington was perched at the window seeing her off:

“He’s an inside cat. He likes to sit in the window watching birds.”

But two hour hours later, her sister visited and the pirate cat was gone, and the window screen that covered Stuffington’s favorite perch was missing. Aisley believes someone might have walked by her apartment and recognized the famous pirate cat, only to snatch him away. She doubts that the good pirate would have scratched his way through the window screen on his own.

Deymonaz wrote on the Facebook page for pirate cat:

“The circumstances surrounding the window do not suggest that he got out on his own. Anything is possible with cats, but at this point, I am left with that someone must have recognized him and let him out.”

The owner filed a report with the Portland police and even put up a $1,000 reward for the safe return of Sir Stuffington. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending since not a day later she found her precious cat:

“Stuffy is home and safe! 12 hours later after the sun went down we found him a few blocks away and he came right up to us. He was shaken and completely terrified but in one piece! I’m sorry for the picture I have been bawling all day! And still am crying quite a bit, but he’s home and safe and eating thank you for all the help and support! I need to mention that my twin sister spent 12 hours looking for him today. As well as my best friend Esmerelda. While I was at work they pounded on doors, poked around in back yards, and passed out flyers.”

The pirate cat Sir Stuffington has continued his duties by making cat videos with his owner, and hopefully this will be a happily ever after.