Whoops! Woman Texts Naked Selfie To Dad Instead Of Boyfriend, Shares Debacle On Twitter

The Twitter universe was aflame Tuesday with the story of Nyjah, a college student who goes by the Twitter handle @dearfashionn, and who — she said — made the awkward error of texting a naked photo of herself to her dad.

The intimate selfie, needless to say, was intended to go to her boyfriend.

Now, first of all, whenever one of these crazy tales of online shenanigans crops up, we have to give the required caveat. There’s no real way to tell if Nyjah’s epic story is on the level, or a prank, or a flat-out hoax. All we can say is, whatever the reality, and we sure hope it’s real, this story is too good to ignore. As if there weren’t already enough cautionary tales about sexting out there, this one should persuade anyone to weigh the risks before hitting “send.”

Or at least, make sure that your “send” is going to the right person.

Nyjah started off announcing on her Twitter feed yesterday (yes, in all caps, appropriately in this case), “OMG HOW DO YOU CANCEL A TEXT MESSAGE!!”

That was followed moments later by the less panicked (all lower-case this time), “i just sent a nude to my dad.” That message was followed by 32 “sad face” icons.

And then, she took a screen capture of her iPhone, to share with the Twitter world, or at least her followers, the immediate reaction of her father.

We’re not sure how many Twitter followers Nyjah had accumulated before this incident, but as of Wednesday afternoon, she had upwards of 11,000. So if this was all a stunt to collect Twitter followers, well, safe to say it was successful. Nyjah then followed up by documenting her father’s repeated attempts to reach on the phone to, we’re certain, calmly discuss the guidelines for maintaining privacy and safety online.

How did Nyjah get herself into this debacle? Well, take a look at this tweet from Tuesday night.

There you go. Her boyfriend’s name is apparently “Daquan.” Now anyone who has ever sent a text knows how easy it is to miss on a smartphone screen with your thumb or forefinger and select the wrong recipient. We’re guessing that “Daquan” in Nyjah’s contact list is the one just below “Daddy.”

And there you have it.

Nyjah appeared to be taking the whole episode in good humor. But she also might want to check out this guide from the site LifeHacker, which lists a few apps designed to allow texters to cancel errant messages just such as Nyjah’s naked selfie.