Sexting App Destroys Images 10 Seconds After Being Received

We have never shied away from reporting about sexting issues (text messaging explicit images) at Inquisitr, from studies regarding underage children sexting (numbers are lower than originally thought) to a Detroit judge who sexted his court bailiff we thought we had seen it all until Snapchat emerged.

The new mobile app allows users to share images with whoever they choose and then have those messages self-destruct without being shared.

The program works by having the sending user set a time limit up to 10 seconds after which point from receiving the image is automatically destroyed, making it impossible to forward it on to other prying eyes. The program has also built in a feature for iPhone users in which a message is sent to the sender if the receiving party attempts to take a screencast.

The app will likely be praised by privacy advocates and hated by significant others looking for a keepsake. On the other hand there is nothing to stop someone from having a camera on hand to take a picture of the sext message before it self destructs.

The app isn’t billed as a way to prevent nude images from circulating around to various parties, in fact the company says the mobile app is meant for “real-time picture chatting” but let’s be honest, it is probably the first thing that comes to most peoples minds when they look at the program.

Other uses for the app include … hold on I’ll think of something … okay I will admit it, I can not think of any other reason someone would need to own Snapchat other than to hide nude images they send to their significant others.

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