Maroon 5 Front Man Adam Levine Wants Acting Career After All

Michael Dolce

Maroon 5's Adam Levine is quickly changing his tune when it comes to pursuing an acting career.

According to the Maroon 5 front man is embracing the possibility of acting in future films after his initial experience in the new flick Begin Again went so well:

"It really made me fall in love. It's the very beginning of something really cool."

Levine is earning high marks from his co-stars for his performance, but his role - and his comments toward pursuing an acting career - could be perceived by many as another way Adam is "selling out". In a recent article on Inquistr Adam addressed the criticism laid on him for taking on roles outside of Maroon 5 that include being a coach on The Voice as well as a small part in American Horror Story. In this way, Begin Again is giving haters just one more thing to criticize him for.

Adam opened up to Rolling Stone recently about the Maroon 5 haters of the world and how he's come to a point in his life where now he openly embraces them. "I much more enjoy the [stuff] that I know is gonna be polarizing in some way. I think that when you're younger you don't want that," Levine told Rolling Stone. Adam continued:

"You know, people have a really backwards, ridiculous opinion of what they want to achieve with their music, which, often leads them down a very dangerous path of kind of caring too much about everything. I have started to kind of enjoy and get off on the idea that we're going to put something out that people are gonna hate but a lot of people are going to love. If some people don't absolutely...hate it, you're doing something wrong, in my opinion."