Firefighter’s Helmet Camera Shows What It Is Like To Run Into A Fire (Video)

It is often noted the dangers that firefighters across the world face on a daily basis as they run into a structure when everyone else is running out. But rarely have people been able to see exactly what it is like to do just that.

Thanks to a video posted on YouTube, individuals with an Internet connection are getting a chance to experience what it is like to look a raging inferno in the face as a result of a firefighter’s helmet camera that captured the whole thing on video.

The New York Daily News has the details on the video above:

“Dramatic helmet cam footage from a New York blaze has revealed exactly what it’s like to battle life-threatening fires on a daily basis.

“It’s terrifying.

“The video, filmed by Vista Fire Department at an undisclosed location in Westchester County, shows two laddermen combating 5-meter high flames surging from inside a wooden house.

“As power lines fall, they calmly carry out their job until the inferno is finally brought under control.”

Footage like the firefighter helmet video above are becoming more common place with the more common usage of equipment like Go Pro cameras, which have captured all sorts of events normally only experienced by the person who happened to physically be present.

Take, for instance, the recent case of a man in Logan, Utah, who was captured by his Go Pro camera tumbling down an icy cliff.

According to KSTU-TV 13 in Salt Lake City, the man tried to slide “down an icy ravine created by an avalanche” and did well the first time he tried, but then wanted to get a better shot with his Go Pro. It did not end well for him and his three friends, the station said.


“Moments later, Pfister and Rees watched as their other friend came tumbling after them, ending in the worst crash of the three.

“‘The thought went through my mind, if I don’t stop before I hit these rocks, I’m going to be in a lot of trouble. And sure enough, as soon as I hit, I started spiraling through the air,’ said Aaron Speedy.

“A cluster of trees and rocks broke Speedy’s fall.”

Perhaps if the guys were looking for a cool Go Pro video, they could have just found someone with a drone and flown it into a fireworks show like two drone owners did over the July 4th holiday weekend. It sure seems safer than sliding off a cliff or running into a fire. And makes for just as cool of a video.

At least the firefighter in the video was safe and hopefully the guys in Utah will make a speedy recovery.

[Image via Screenshot/YouTube]