A Fireworks Show From the Inside Out: Two Drones Fly Into Separate Fourth Of July Displays [Videos]

Fireworks shows are a tradition for many families on the Fourth of July; however, some private drone owners have taken fireworks display viewing to a whole new level by filming them from the inside out. The first most popular drone video is from Youtube user Jos Stiglingh, who flew his drone into a fireworks show in Palm Beach, Florida. Jos said he was flying through a firework show with a DJI Phantom 2 and filming it with a GoPro Hero 3 silver. Stiglingh took the beautiful video and set it to an Andrea Bocelli song for effect. The results are amazing. See the incredible video as the drone flies straight through the fireworks show. The video, as of this writing, had over three million views. Jos wasn’t the only one to have the idea. In Nashville, Tennessee, another man flew his drone through a fireworks display. According to WBIR, Robert Hartline used his $1,300 drone as a marketing stunt for a new carpooling app he is launching in October. Hartline flew his drone through much of the fireworks show, but sadly his battery ran out just prior to the grand finale. However, the video is still rather remarkable, though he did not get as close in proximity as Jos. See Hartline’s video below: Many twitter users were positive about the fireworks drones:

However, not everyone thinks flying drones into public events such as these fireworks shows is a good idea. In fact, Forbes law and policy writer Gregory McNeal notes that flying drones through fireworks displays could even land you in jail and for good reason:

“There’s no doubt that the HD video is stunning. It’s also dangerous and likely unlawful (at least if it occurred in the United States). The flight is unsafe as the existence of the drone in the airspace above the fireworks display creates an increased risk of hazardous debris (from the fireworks or the drone) falling into spectator areas. There is also the remote possibility that a firework colliding with a drone may divert the pyrotechnic downward into spectator areas, causing it to detonate where it otherwise should not. The drone in this video made it safely through the fireworks, but put a few more drones in the air and you’re also bound to have a mid-air collision. All of these factors show how this operation was unsafe. While this drone operator escaped getting hit with a firework, there’s no way he could have planned that. Avoiding the explosions was luck, not skill.”

What do you think of these spectacular fireworks videos captured by drones? Do you feel safe knowing private drones could be flying over your head at any public event? [Image Source: NY Daily News]

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