Apollo Nida Sentenced: Phaedra Parks Opts For Divorce Or Prison Wife?

Apollo Nida, husband of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reality star Phaedra Parks, has been sentenced to eight years in prison on charges of bank fraud and identity theft, CNN is reporting today. Authorities say 35-year-old Apollo Nida stole people’s identities and opened bank accounts in their names. Police say Nida also incorporated fake businesses with his partner in crime Gayla St. Julien. The investigation into Nida’s activities began in 2012 when authorities started investigating Gayla St. Julien, eventually leading them to Nida.

Apollo Nida’s motive? Apparently, the Atlanta Housewives husband felt threatened by his own wife’s fame and fortune. Nida has also admitted that his wife Phaedra made him feel unaccomplished, so he needed to prove to himself that he was also capable of starting his own brand and bringing in the dough.

Special Agent Reginald G. Moore seemed pleased with the judge’s swift justice: “Today’s sentencing exemplifies impartial justice regardless of economic class or perceived celebrity status. Nida’s sentence should be an eye opener for other like-minded criminals who scheme to steal victims’ identities, defraud them and ignore the consequences of their actions,” he stated, according to Access Atlanta.

Apollo Nida seemed disappointed in the amount of time he was given,most likely realizing that he will not be home with his sons for at least the next seven years of their lives. Apollo Nida had only these words to say when a person asked what he thought about the sentence: “Whatever the judge gave,” stated Nida.

Apollo Nida’s wife Atlanta Attorney Phaedra Parks was not at the sentencing. With the reality of spending the next seven to eight years behind bars looming, at some point Nida has to ask himself if it was all worth it. “He bout to lose his pretty wife and handsome sons over this. Fool!,” stated one disappointed Atlanta Housewives fan.

Another Apollo Nida fan stated: “Ok Apollo got 8 yrs…2nd time he has done this…wonder what Phaedra will do….wonder if your dad is a felon can you become Mr President?..I feel sorry for the boys…..this will haunt them for a lifetime, especially in school.”

Not everyone sympathizes with Apollo Nida, a reality-star who had everything: “Apollo Got what was coming to him..I do thank God at least those kids are still very young so that when he does come back into their lives, it wont be as traumatic. Lets hope he does come back with his lesson finally learned.”

The last few days the couple spends together will be an intense several hours leading up to their painful separation, and Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks fans want to know what’s next for the couple in light of Apollo’s eight year sentence. Some say Phaedra should divorce Nida. Others say she should wait it out and keep the family in tact. Whatever Parks decides, it will not be easy. If she chooses to stay with Apollo then she’ll need to be prepared for life as a inmate’s wife — information that is covered in depth in the book “Prisoner’s Wife,” by Asha Bandele.

Apollo Nida still has several days left before he finally turns himself in to the prison.