[Video] Jessi Slaughter Speaks, One Year Later

The tween girl harassed by 4Chan and launched to probably not-unappreciated internet stardom (at least at first) by threatening to inflict “brain slushees” on people has spoken to update interested parties on her situation.

Jessica Leonhardt- also known as Jessi Slaughter- wasn’t the only star of the Jessi Slaughter saga. There was also video uploaded to YouTube including her very angry father- video that launched several memes after his bizarre series of threats at the people who harassed Jessi, including mention of the “cyberpolice,” indications that the perps had been “backtraced” and warnings that the “consequences would never be the same” if the harassment continued.

It appears that Jessi Slaughter’s family may not have fared well since her rise to internet fame. The tween- who is still, I might add, extremely young- was removed from her home after an incident in which she says her father punched her in the face. Jessi is now in foster care, but her father denied striking her at the time and said that she used fake blood to suggest injury.

Foster care also hasn’t apparently been a cakewalk for young Jessi. She claims to have been in and out of mental institutions since all the drama initially went down, and further says that her computer privileges have been taken away for good.

The clip below was uploaded with the following description and shows Jessi apologizing to those she has hurt with her actions.

This is Jessica Leondardt [sic] A.K.A. Jessi Slaughter at my school. She is apologizing for everything. I am not on her side! I DO own this video though and i do not want it copied, only shared. Get it out to BOTDF [Blood on the Dance Floor] and everyone else she has wronged.