October 24, 2017
‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Is Happening, But You Weren’t Supposed To Know That Yet

There hasn't been an official confirmation from MTV just yet, but it looks like Teen Wolf will continue after its fourth season. Variety has released a list of shows that the California Film and Television Tax Credit program approved for tax credits for the 2014-15 fiscal year, and Teen Wolf will receive $11.6 million, the most of the 26 selected film and television projects.

Teen Wolf relocated from Georgia to California in 2012. With this allocation, the show will receive a credit nearly a quarter of its $46.3 million budget. While most shows receive about 20 percent credit, shows that filmed previous episodes outside of California are eligible for 25 percent credit.

Teen Wolf and 11 other series will receive $77.6 million of the $100 million distributed. Some of the other shows include Justified, Pretty Little Liars, Rizzoli & Isles, and Major Crimes.

Teen Wolf Will Have Another Season

The fourth season of Teen Wolf began on June 23 and still has 9 episodes left. As Enstarz reports, production finished on June 30.

However, nobody from MTV or the cast and crew has mentioned anything about Teen Wolf returning. And even though it will be receiving this tax credit, there is still a possibility that the show may not go on. It all depends on how well it does in the ratings this year.

But that hasn't stopped the Teen Wolf fans from taking to Twitter to express their excitement.

Speaking of ratings, the Teen Wolf season premiere nabbed 2.2 million viewers, which was less than the season three premiere (2.4 million) and the premiere of the second half of season three (2.43 million), according to The Wrap. But that was better than the series premiere (2.17 million) and the second season premiere (2.11 million)

The second episode of the fourth season of Teen Wolf received about 1.6 million, according to TV Series Finale.

For right now, fans have the remainder of the fourth season of Teen Wolf to look forward to. As The Inquisitr previously reported, series creator Jeff Davis promised that there will be "a lot more death and destruction."

"It's all based around a hit list that our supernatural creatures find themselves on," Davis said. "We call it a season of assassins and bounty hunters. There will be a lot more danger for our characters."

[Image credit: MGM Television/MTV via SpoilerTV]