New RAGE dev diary features John Goodman and, of course, the game

id Software put out yet another developer diary for RAGE recently. This time around, we get to see how the game’s sound and art came to be so darn good. Oh, and we get to see John Goodman.

Goodman was cast as one of the first characters you’ll meet, named Dan Hagar, throughout your journeys through the world of RAGE. When audio lead Christian Antkow saw the concept for the character for the first time, he explains, he immediately thought of Goodman’s character from The Big Lebowski.

That, and Goodman just made sense for the world of RAGE, the taem explains. As creative director Tim Willits put it:

“You can imagine, if there was an actor from Hollywood that could survive an asteroid destroying the earth, he would be on that list.”

So, there you have it. More RAGE gameplay and John Goodman. What more could you want out of a dev diary? Check it out for yourself below.