Tiny Pacific Island of Niue Announces Star Wars Currency

Star Wars characters are about to join a distinctive class of people that includes famous politicians, Queens and other world leaders, receiving official currency printed with famous faces from the George Lucas blockbuster series.

The tiny Pacific islane of Niue will manufacturer their money with Luke Skywalker on one side of their currency and then Yoda, Leia and Darth Vader on the opposite side of their coins.

For Star Wars fans who may be wondering, the money is official tender and yes it’s the first time characters from the movie series have appeared on actual real-world cash.

There is one caveat to the money, since Niue uses New Zealand currency, the money will only be accepted as payment on the island.

The money won’t just be stamped for the masses with the project geared towards collectors with some two-dollar coins made out of silver selling for $100.

Regular priced silver two-dollar coins will be silver-plated and some of the coins will be on display in Chicago next week during a coin show. New coins are expected to arrive in 2014.

Are you willing to invest your hard earned cash in money made from the faces of famous Star Wars characters? Given the huge market for this type of collectable I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of the coins leave Niue for mainlands around the world where they will sit in the Star Wars collections of devoted fans.

For the record, the Star Wars money shown at the top of this story is not real, even though I won’t be able to convince die hard fans that the First Galactic Empire doesn’t really exist in real life.