December 25, 2017
Atlanta Braves Trade Rumors: Shae Simmons Key To Unloading Dan Uggla

Atlanta Braves trade rumors continue to involve the bloated contract known as Dan Uggla that is taking up bench space. Unless Braves' GM Frank Wren is willing to part with some of his young pitching, it is highly unlikely that Atlanta will be able to move Uggla, considering the $26 million salary he is expected to make over the next season and a half.

The MLB trade deadline is July 31st, and it had been looking like the Atlanta Braves were doomed. Braves trade rumors seemed helpless and aimless. Finally, the team decided to bench Uggla and call up second baseman Tommy La Stella. Since then the team has been on a tear. Even B.J. Upton is hitting. Before losing on Sunday, the Atlanta Braves had won nine in a row and were looking offensively competent for the first time in two seasons.

But, Shae Simmons could be the last minute answer to Atlanta's problem.

Although there have continued to be concerns over the pitching depth, Braves pitchers continue to perform, especially Shae Simmons. Since being called up earlier this season, Simmons has pitched 15.2 innings and struck out 15 batters. His ERA is 1.15 and his WHIP is.83. Shae Simmons also resembles another Atlanta Braves star, Craig Kimbrel. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Shae Simmons is a future closer. Right now, Simmons is serving as a set up man, but teams are watching.

Unless the Atlanta Braves trade rumors include someone like Shae Simmons, there is no chance they will move Dan Uggla. The 23 year old Simmons is just the kind of bullpen arm many contenders are looking to add. If the Braves could pick up a power bat or utility infielder, they could unload Uggla's horrible contract and better prepare themselves for the stretch run. David Carpenter should return to the bullpen later this month, and though his statistics don't show it, he has been solid for the Atlanta Braves.

Pitching is something the Braves have always been able to manage. The question is, where will they get an extra bat? Atlanta has looked much better recently, but they are not deep. As long as Dan Uggla is taking up room on the bench, Atlanta will struggle to score in late game situations. Also, the Braves have no versatility.

Either the Atlanta Braves trade rumors with Dan Uggla will see Shae Simmons become a casualty or the team will bite the bullet and let Uggla go to make room on their bench. Either way, the writing is on the wall for Dan Uggla.

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