Carmelo Anthony Plays Pick-Up Game With Kobe Bryant And Kevin Love At UCLA

Carmelo Anthony was reportedly seen playing a pick-up basketball game with Kobe Bryant and Kevin Love on Sunday. Multiple sources began tweeting that the trio of NBA superstars were seen together on the court, causing mass hysteria to erupt on Twitter.

According to, Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relation at UCLA, Josh Rebholz, tweeted that Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Love were all together at the UCLA facilities playing together.

Yes, and Kevin Love too. RT @MrRamirezToYou: Was kobe and melo there today? @JoshRebholz

The tweet was later removed by Rebholz. One can only assume that Rebholz was asked to remove the tweet by somebody in Carmelo Anthony’s camp as the star forward is in the middle of making a big free agency decision. Over the weekend, Anthony visited with the Los Angels Lakers and reports have stated Carmelo is now deciding between the Lakers and the Knicks.

There had been concerns that Kobe Bryant could not be around for Carmelo’s visit with the Lakers. But according to ESPN, Kobe Bryant flew back early from his vacation in Europe to be present for a meeting with Carmelo Anthony on Thursday. With the two shooting hoops together on Sunday, speculations are only going to increase that the Lakers are increasing their chances.

Carmelo Anthony has a home in Los Angeles, and in terms of market, moving from New York to L.A. would not be that difficult. Both the Knicks and Lakers were bad last season, but with Kobe Bryant and Julius Randle, the Lakers appear to be better suited to win now. The Lakers have never been afraid to spend money, and there had been rumors that New York would not offer Carmelo a max deal. Over the weekend, it was reported by the New York Daily News that Phil Jackson had decided to offer Anthony a five-year max deal.

Kevin Love joining Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant was not unusual, considering Love played college basketball at UCLA. Love has been the subject of many trade rumors this offseason, but he does not become a free agent until next summer. It is no secret that Kevin Love would jump at the opportunity to play in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant will be entering the final year of his two-year contract, and a back loaded offer could be made to Love next summer, putting together a fearsome big three.

Carmelo Anthony is expected to make a decision on Monday whether or not he will join Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

[Image via LA Times]